RAN201 v2.5 Rancher 2.5 Administration

This two day course is designed for system administrators responsible for deploying and administering multiple Kubernetes cluster distributions with Rancher Server. The course begins with an introduction to Rancher Server and its architecture. Students will then learn how to access the Rancher Server’s graphical user interface, including Rancher Cluster Manager as well as Rancher Cluster Explorer. In the course an existing Kubernetes cluster will be registered and a new RKE cluster will be provisioned with Rancher Server and then many Kubernetes cluster administrative activities will be introduced. The course also covers Kubernetes cluster management for infrastructure and hosted Kubernetes provider’s deployments in the public clouds. The course includes presentation about the provisioning and administration capabilities of Rancher Server and extensive hands-on experience with lab exercises. This course prepares students for the SCA in Rancher Administration exam (once released).
Basic understanding on Kubernetes objects and resources would be beneficial. Having some linux command line experience is helpful.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for system administrators and other persons responsible for provisioning and administering Kubernetes clusters with Rancher.
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Rancher
  • Rancher Cluster Manager
  • Rancher Cluster Explorer
  • Rancher Logging, Monitoring, and Security Scanning
  • Rancher Shell Access
  • Backup and Restore With Rancher

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