Collaborative Data Modeling Using IDERA ER/Studio and Repository (formerly Embarcadero ER/Studio)

This course is taught in a workshop format, supported by slide presentation and visual tool illustrations. There are daily review sessions, lectures and workshops, supported by a complete case study, augmented by periodic exercises and quizzes.
Students must have at least 6 months experience using ER/Studio. Sound understanding of Data modeling concepts and Relational Database Design is assumed.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for data modelers, data architects, business analysts, application builders, DBA's, and end users who will be participating in data modeling and database design of OLTP and Data Warehouse applications.
  • Enterprise Modeling Features
  • Advanced Logical Modeling
  • Advanced Physical Modeling
  • Model Audit and Validation
  • Data Warehouse Modeling
  • Introduction to Repository Based Modeling

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