Learn how to Build Universes with the Universe Design Tool

This live demonstration will provide an overview of the 10 major steps in building a universe with the Universe Design Tool (UDT).  
Specifically, this presentation will cover:
  1. Defining Connections Outside UDT 
  2. Defining Connections Inside UDT
  3. Set Up Universe Parameters
  4. Add database Tables In Structure Panel
  5. Add Joins
  6. Define Classes/Objects
  7. Identify and Resolve Loops
  8. Set Up Hierarchies 
  9. Document and Distribute 
  10. ?Add Security
Join ProTech and our Business Object’s specialist, Michael Ward for this free 1-hour presentation on Thursday October 29th at 1pm ET. This demonstration will also include best practice guidelines, a comparison with the Information Design Tool and an opportunity to ask our expert questions. Register Today!