Advanced HPE Compute Solutions, Rev. 20.11 - 0001131487 - NA

This course teaches you how to plan and design advanced HPE compute solutions based on industry standard advanced computing technologies and workloads as they relate to optimizing performance and/or availability. Hands-on labs and activities will guide you through complex design exercises using skills such as, information gathering and analyzing customer business outcomes and technical requirements. You will learn to recommend and position HPE compute products, solutions, tools, and appropriate services for customer use cases and workloads. Finally, you will architect and design an HPE solution based on customer needs and then demonstrate and present the solution.
40 Hours
Typical candidates for this course are those that need to learn how to describe, position, recommend, demonstrate, plan, and design advanced HPE compute solutions to meet a customer�s business and technology requirements.
After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to: Describe HPE OneView value proposition Understand product features and functions Learn how to configure Understand how to recommend and demonstrate

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